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Bayshore Sanitary District


Regular Meeting of April 27, 2017 @ 7:00PM

            The meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M.

Present:           Gallagher, Quinteros, Rizzi, Swanbeck, Tonna
Absent:            None
Also:                Counsel Quint, Maintenance Director Landi, District Engineer Yeager, and Clerk Landi
Oral and Written Communications(Concerning matters not on the Agenda; no action will be taken nor will extended discussion be permitted.)

(1)       Communications from members of the public
(2)       Communications from members of the District Board and Staff
            President Gallagher circulated a newsletter issued by the Rodeo Sanitary District.
(3)       Acknowledgment of recent correspondence to the District

Consent Agenda:   (Any member of the Board or the public can request that an item be removed from the Consent Agenda.  If there are no objections all items are voted upon by one motion.)

(4)       Minutes of the Regular Meeting of  March 23, 2017
(5)       Payment authorization for bills and compensation
(6)       Accept March 31, 2017 report on District’s current financial status
(7)       Accept March, 2017 checking account reconciliation

            A motion was made by Director  Quinteros seconded by Director Swanbeck and passed by voice vote approving consent items 4-7. 

Board Reports – consideration of matters relating to:

(8)       President Gallagher

  1. LAFCo:  There was no meeting in April.
  2. CSDA – Local Chapter:   The next meeting is May 2.  The Maintenance Director will attend.

(c)        Redevelopment Oversight Board:  There have not been any meetings.  (i)  2960 Geneva Avenue:  President Gallagher received an email advising that the sale of the property fell through and they were once again accepting bids.  The bid closing was today at 5 P.M.  The realtor was advised by Daly City that the District has expressed interest.  The realtor told President Gallagher to call her tomorrow morning  if the Board is interested in making an offer for the property.  The idea of having a presence in the District is a worthy pursuit; however, the property likely needs extensive work.  Based on the current suggested market value, there is no interest at this time.  The realtor will be advised that should the property remain unsold or their price expectations not met, to contact the District again.

(9)       Daly City:  Director Swanbeck reported that the Planning Commission will be discussing development of the property adjacent to Saddleback at its meeting next week.  That parcel as well as the property at Schwerin & Geneva Avenue will be developed for low-moderate income housing.

(10)     Brisbane:  No report.

Staff Reports:

(11)     Maintenance Director – consideration of matters relating to:
(a)       Monthly report on District operations and maintenance:  The Accacia-Velasco development was inspected.  Four of the laterals need to be cleaned and re-televised.  The main will be televised after the laterals have been cleaned.
The Carlyle Station is in excellent working order.
 (b)      894 Schwerin Street:  A Daly City Water Department employee reported a problem at this address.  The lateral is broken in the curb/gutter area.  Uniacke  Construction is scheduled to repair the line tomorrow.

(12)     District Engineer – consideration of matters relating to:
            (a)       March meter reading data:   The average flow for March was 382,935 gpd which is less than January and February but close to the December average flow.  The cumulative graph in the monthly report tracks the daily flow and rainfall since November, 2016.  The graph indicates that there is an increase in infiltration between rainfall events.
(b)       Carlyle Pump Station upgrades:  The generator permit application was submitted to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.  They requested a submittal from Cummins, the generator manufacturer—this was provided.    The generator is currently being manufactured. 
(c)        Update CIP/Master Plan:  Nothing to report.
            (d)       PG&E Agreement:  We have been discussing this for almost a year. The Engineer received a response from PG&E yesterday that stated they will not be able to reach an agreement with the District.  They have asked how long and how much it will cost for individual permits since they do want to take out an annual permit.  Engineer Yeager isn’t sure if they mean that PG&E will obtain the permit or if their individual contractor(s) will take out the permit(s).  There was lengthy discussion regarding this process as well as PG&E’s unwillingness to pay the outstanding amount of $755 owed to the District for staff time related to unpermitted activities at 236 Rio Verde Street.  The Engineer said that each project would require (1) a permit for the CCTV inspection and (2) a permit for the construction activity requiring a $750 deposit.  He will contact PG&E for clarification.
            (e)       Daly City/District Memorandum of Understanding (MOU):  The Engineer met with Daly City Engineer/Public Works Director Richard Chiu on another matter and learned that Mr. Chiu had reviewed the MOU with City Manager Pat Martell.  It is now going to the City’s legal counsel for his review.  Mr. Chiu liked that it was a short, precise document without a lot of legalese.
            (f)        New industrial discharge permits: A permit was issued to PG&E for  construction dewatering.  It is a contingency dewatering permit in case they cannot discharge directly into San Francisco’s system.
            (g)       Bayshore Chevron:  The Daly City Building Department referred the contractor to District.  The station is being remodeled to include a car wash.  A car wash is considered an industrial discharge.  Daly City can issue a building permit but  an industrial discharge permit will be required when the car wash becomes operational.
            (h)       Zayo Group:  This is the permitted project at Geneva & Pueblo for conduit installation.  The process with Zayo went smoothly and in short order.
            (i)        SFPUC sewer rehabilitation-Castillo Street:  Some of the sewers in the area are being upgraded.  All the work is in San Francisco except 250’ of sewer line on Castillo.  That portion is in the District and there are two District customers.  As far as the District is concerned they can proceed with the project.
            (j)        Accacia Street Subdivision:  Richard Chiu invited Engineer Yeager to a meeting with the developers because the record drawings  submitted were incorrect.  The homes on the west side are lower than the homes on the east side of the Street.  The road has a crown which could affect drainage. The developer is going to submit a revised road grading plan.  Until the grading issue is settled we will not do any further CCTV inspections.  Mr. Yeager told the developer that he would ask the Board to pass a resolution accepting the sewer line and laterals pending approval by Daly City, payment of fees and meeting all District regulations.  A draft resolution was prepared by Counsel and distributed to the Board for consideration.  Typically a resolution is adopted upon satisfaction of all requirements.  Counsel said it can be done either way.  There was consensus among the Directors that the resolution be considered when all issues are satisfied.
            (k)        Point Martin:  There will be a hearing on May 2 for consideration of the tentative map for this 117 residential lot project.  The developer has not submitted any detailed utility plans.  The City will require that the developer satisfy all District requirements with regard to the sewers.
            (l)        Robertson School:   This project consists of 86 lots, not all of which are residential.  This was originally planned to be a townhouse development but will now be individual lots.  There will be one main public street and the other streets will be maintained by the homeowners.  Daly City will be responsible for the water line in the public streets only.  The sewer lines will be a District responsibility since we do not allow private sewer lines.  The developer was advised that the District must have access to lateral cleanouts.  Some homes will have pumps that pump to the sewer line.  The District will have no responsibility for those pumps.   With regard to water service, they will have master meters and sub-meters for each home.  The Engineer is not sure if the sub-meters will be serving both domestic water service and fire protection.  This project by Toll Brothers will be going through the public hearing process.
            (m)      Performance/Self-Evaluation of Critical Management Issues:  This is an opportunity for the Board to discuss certain management areas  and how well they are being executed.  The checklist being used is a document from the EPA which the Engineer has tailored for District use.  Each question has two components—Rate Achievement and Rank Priority.  The rating scale is 1 (low) to 5 (high) for each management area.
            1.         Resource Adequacy: •My system is able to meet the sanitation needs of its customers now and for the reasonable future.
            Priority and Achievement ranked as 5.
            2.         Product Quality:  •My system is in compliance with permit requirements and other regulatory or reliability requirements.  •My utility meets local community expectations for the services it provides.
            Priority and Achievement ranked as 5.
            3.         Customer Satisfaction:  •Customers are satisfied with the services the system provides.  •My system has procedures in place to receive and respond to customer feedback in a timely fashion.
            Priority and Achievement ranked as 5.
            4.         Community Sustainability & Economic Development: •My utility is aware of and participating in local and regional community and economic development planning activities.  •My utilities goals also help to support overall watershed and source water protection, and community economic goals.
            Priority and Achievement ranked as 5.
            5.         Employee & Leadership Development: N/A
            6.         Financial Viability: •The rates that my utility charges are adequate to pay our bills, put some funds away for the future, and maintain, repair, and replace our equipment and infrastructure as needed. (O&M, debt servicing, and other costs are covered.) •My utility discusses rate requirements with our customers, board members, and other key stakeholders.
            Priority and Achievement ranked as 5.
            7.         Operational Optimization: •My utility has assessed its current energy usage and performed an energy audit.  •My utility has maximized resource use and resource loss.  •My utility understands, has documented, and monitors key operational aspects of the system.
            Priority and Achievement ranked as 5.
            8.  Infrastructure Stability:  •My utility has inventoried its current system components, condition, and cost.  •My system has a plan in place for repair and replacement of system components.
            Priority and Achievement ranked as 5.
            9.         Operational Resiliency:  •My utility has conducted an all hazards vulnerability assessment (safety, natural disasters environmental risks, etc.).  •My utility has prepared an all hazards emergency response plan.
            Priority and Achievement ranked as 5.
            10.       Stakeholder Understanding & Support:  •My system actively engages with local decision makers and regulatory representatives to build support for its goals, resources, and the value of the services it provides.  •My utility performs active customer and stakeholder outreach and education to understand concerns and promote the value of clean and safe water.
            Priority ranked as 5; Achievement ranked as 3.

(13)     District Counsel – consideration of matters relating to:
            No report

(14)     District Clerk – consideration of matters relating to:           
            The Clerk mentioned that the interest rate on our LAIF account has increased and surpassed the rate paid by First National Bank.  She asked if the Board would like to transfer funds from the checking account to LAIF.  Since a large quarterly sewer service charge is payable to the SFPUC on June 1, no transfer will be made at this time.

Old Business:     

New Business:
(15)     Reports on other matters:  no action will be taken


            The meeting was adjourned at 8:54 P.M.  The next Regular Meeting is May 25, 2017 @7:00 P.M.

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