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Bayshore Sanitary District


Special Meeting of June 16, 2016 @ 7:00PM

Opening of Meeting:  The meeting was called to order at 7:06 P.M.

Roll Call:

Present:           Gallagher, Quinteros, Rizzi, Swanbeck, Tonna
Absent:            None
Also:                Maintenance Director Landi, District Engineer Yeager, Clerk Landi
Oral and Written Communications(Concerning matters not on the Agenda; no action will be taken nor will extended discussion be permitted.)

(1)       Communications from members of the public 
(2)       Communications from members of the District Board and Staff

(3)       Acknowledgment of recent correspondence to the District
            The District received a booklet from CSDA as well as a registration form for the October conference in San Diego.
Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget Workshop:

The Board and Staff were provided with a budget worksheet which included the amounts budgeted for Fiscal Year 2015-16 and the projected revenues and expenses through June 30, 2016.
During discussion of revenue projections the Engineer provided a memo analyzing the historical SFPUC sewer service charges as well as water usage in the District.  Water usage has decreased in all categories except restaurants.  Therefore we anticipate a $43,000 decrease in sewer service charge revenue.  On the other hand charges levied by the SFPUC for disposal of the District's wastewater have increased.  We project there will be an approximate 10% increase in sewer service charges for FY 16-17 of approximately $60,000.  The SFPUC is undertaking repairs to their system so we can expect the increases to continue and we may find it necessary to increase our sewer service charge to cover all contractual operational costs.
            No significant development is expected to occur in FY 16-17.  Redevelopment of the Robertson School site will very likely not happen until Fiscal Year 2017-18.
            The Clerk said that LAIF interest rates have gone up a little during this fiscal year so the interest income category can be increased a bit.
After reviewing each account, Total Revenues and Contributions are estimated to be $1,504,000.   Operating expenditures were reviewed account-by-account, needs assessed and budgeted at $1,314,500.  Capital projects were budgeted in the amount of $189,500.   Total Expenses will be $1,504,000.  There will be no contributions to contingency funds.  The preliminary budget is subject to change before final approval at the July 28th Public Hearing.

New Business:

(5)       Reports on other matters:  no action will be taken



            A motion made by Director Tonna, seconded by Director Swanbeck and passed to adjourn the meeting at 8:24 P.M.  The next regular meeting is June 23, 2016 at 7:00 P.M.

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