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Bayshore Sanitary District


Regular Meeting of September 26, 2013 @ 7:00 P.M.

Opening of Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 P.M.

Roll Call:

Present:           Gallagher, Quinteros, Rizzi, Swanbeck, Tonna
Absent:            None
Also:                Maintenance Director Landi, Jennifer Faught for District Counsel Bakker, District Engineer Yeager and Clerk Landi

Oral and Written Communications

(Concerning matters not on the Agenda; no action will be taken nor will extended discussion be permitted.)

  1. Communications from members of the public 
  2. Communications from members of the District Board and Staff
    Meyers-Nave has assigned District Counsel to represent the Planning Commission and the City Council in Walnut Creek.  Those meetings will sometimes conflict with our fourth Thursday meetings.  This item will be agendized for the October meeting for discussion by the Board.

  3. Acknowledgment of recent correspondence to the District

    Consent Agenda:   

    (Any member of the Board or the public can request that an item be removed from the Consent Agenda.  If there are no objections all items are voted upon by one motion.)

  4. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of  August 22, 2013
  5. Payment authorization for bills and compensation
  6. Accept 8/31/13 report on District’s current financial status
  7. Accept August, 2013 checking account reconciliation
  8. Accept FY 2012-2013 Audit

            The Clerk asked that the final payment to Fechter & Co. for FY 2012-13 audit services also be approved.  The final payment is $1,017.00.  A motion was made by  Director Quinteros, seconded by Director Swanbeck  and passed by voice vote approving the consent items which include payment by check numbers 560-572 (including Fechter & Co. payment) and Director payroll.   

Board Reports

– consideration of matters relating to:

  1. President Gallagher
    a. LAFCo:  The District received notice that the amended FY 2013-14 budged was approved at the September 18th meeting.
    b. CSDA – Local Chapter:   No report.
    c. Redevelopment Oversight Board:  President Gallagher attended a meeting on September 9th.  The Recognized Obligation Payment (ROP) schedule for January-June 30, 2014 was approved.  They will be forwarded to the State Department of Finance. 
  1. Director Swanbeck
    a. CSDA Conference:  Director Swanbeck provided a little background on the keynote speaker, a former naval officer.  He authored a book called “It’s Your Ship.”  One breakout session she attended covered CEQA which is in the midst of a two year legislative cycle for review/revision.  During a tour to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Director Swanbeck took a spill, but otherwise found the tour interesting.  This is an anaerobic plant which creates methane.  The So. San Francisco Scavenger’s Blue Line transfer station is proposing to produce CNG from anaerobic digestion.
    She briefly mentioned other sessions.
  2.   Daly City:   There was an article in the San Mateo County Times today discussing the potential establishment of a Grocery Outlet at the location of the former Safeway Store.  It’s odd that the story indicated that the matter is going before the San Francisco Planning Commission when about 90% of the parcel is in Daly City.
    Daly City has entered into a  program which offers insurance of lateral repairs to homeowners.  This is a voluntary program.
  3. Brisbane:  No report.

Staff Reports:

  1. Maintenance Director – consideration of matters relating to:
    a. Monthly report on District operations and maintenance:  The station is operating properly.  Some maintenance work was done during the reporting period.  A leaking pipe on the lavatory wall was removed, the pipe rerouted and the lavatory was painted.  The outside blower compartment was painted.  The carpet in the Board Room was cleaned but will probably need to be replaced in a couple years.  The service requests were briefly reviewed.


  1. District Engineer – consideration of matters relating to:
    a. August meter reading data:  The meter readings are fine.  The flow is very consistent since we haven’t had  rain for so long.

    b. Saddleback billing:  The SFPUC  has indicated that they will bill the 27 customers that the District has been billing manually, beginning July 1, 2014.  They will work with Daly City to obtain water records and bill customers monthly.

    c. 2013 Entitlement Charges:  There is one billing outstanding for the 7 Mile House.

    d. Carlyle PS wastewater monitoring:  The SFPUC completed their sampling and provided the Engineer with results.  He computed the cod, suspended solids and fats, oils and grease (FOG) that will  be used for billing purposes.  The wet sampling was merged with the dry weather sampling.  The contract estimated 684 mg/l for cod; actual annual is 454.  Total estimated suspended solids is 279; actual 136.  FOB was estimated to be 35; actual 33.  As can be expected, wet weather flow results were higher.  There is a significant drop in all categories in dry weather.  The observed water quality parameters are about ⅔'s to ½ of what the SFPUC estimated.  There could be more of a savings than anticipated under the terms of the new contract.

    e. PG&E discharge permits:  A new permit for the truck washing facility has been processed and is ready for the President’s signature.

    f. SFPUC Annual Sewer Service Charge:  As directed, the Engineer sent a letter to the SFPUC and brought to their attention that we believed we  had been overbilled about $10,000.  They agreed that they used the wrong water consumption data and will deduct $10,467 from the future billing.

    g. Old pump station:  No action.  The Clerk said that Alliant Insurance continues to report that the matter of liability coverage is being reviewed by the underwriters.

    h. Sewer lateral service warranty:  Per Board direction, the Engineer notified the City of Daly City that we are not interested in the service.  There is less of a need in the District since we maintain laterals from the cleanout to the street if the property has an approved cleanout.

    i. Brisbane DEIR:  At the August meeting a draft response was discussed at length.  One section has been rewritten regarding the easement and construction of a parallel force main.  The cost of the parallel force main shall be borne by the developer and the amount will be credited toward their capacity/connection charges.  The Engineer said that  pump curves have been developed using documentation from the manufacturer and consideration of other factors.  The conclusion is that we need a second force main.  The estimated cost is $1,500,000.  The estimated flow from Phase 1 of the Baylands is 315 gallons per day.  Using the current rate of $17.17 per gallon per day, their capacity charge would be $5,000,000+.  Based on this evaluation, there is no immediate need to consider increasing the connection fee.  The Engineer will send the District’s response to the DEIR as amended.

    j. Carlyle Pump Station (CPS) evaluation:  see above.

    k. 7 Mile House - dumpster lateral:  Plans were received and approved by the Engineer.  The dumpster will have a containment area with curbing with a drain entering directly into the sanitary sewer.  They will contact the Maintenance Director prior to starting construction to get approval of construction materials.  The work will also be inspected.


  1. District Counsel – consideration of matters relating to:
    No report.
  2. District Clerk – consideration of matters relating to:
    a. District website:  The Clerk reported that Bayshore.com page has been rerouted to the new server.  The .org site is still with Matt Jalbert.  Dotster indicated that the migration from one server to another will take about 24 hours. 

Old Business


  1. Connection fee analysis:  The Engineer is satisfied that the current fee is adequate.

New Business:

  1. Succession Planning
    The President put a call into BHI Consulting and will follow up.  Ms. Faught will also make some inquiries.
  2. Reports on other matters:  no action will be taken


            A motion was made by Director Rizzi, seconded by Director Quinteros and passed to adjourn the meeting at 8:03 P.M.  The next meeting is October 24, 2013.

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