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Bayshore Sanitary District


Regular Meeting of December 20, 2012 @ 7 P.M.

Opening of Meeting:

The meeting was called to order at 3:45 P.M.

Roll Call:

Present: Gallagher, Quinteros, Rizzi, Swanbeck
Absent: Tonna
Also: District Counsel Bakker

SP 1234 Ethics Training:

District Counsel explained that AB1234 requires Ethics Training biannually and instructs Directors on general ethics principles and ethics laws. Director Tonna will be provided information to participate in a session electronically.

Recessed at 5:50 P.M. for a meal break and reconvened at 7:01 P.M.

Present: Gallagher, Quinteros, Rizzi, Swanbeck, Tonna
Absent: None
Also: District Counsel Bakker, Maintenance Director Landi, District Engineer Yeager and Clerk Landi

Oral and Written Communications:

(Concerning matters not on the Agenda; no action will be taken nor will extended discussion be permitted.)

  1. Communications from members of the public
  2. Communications from members of the District Board and Staff
    The Clerk reported that Jean Ross, 964 Schwerin Street, has submitted a request for a map of the sewer system in the vicinity of her property. This is an area where roots are prevalent and Ms. Ross or her neighbor seem to require service approximately once per year. The President acknowledged a Christmas card from former Director Ed McDonald; the personal greeting was read.
  3. Acknowledgment of recent correspondence to the District:

Consent Agenda:

(Any member of the Board or the public can request that an item be removed from the Consent Agenda. If there are no objections all items are voted upon by one motion.)

  1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 29, 2012
  2. Payment authorization for bills and compensation
  3. Accept 11/30/12 report on District's current financial status
  4. Accept November, 2012 checking account reconciliation.

A motion was made by Director Quinteros, seconded by Director Swanbeck and passed by voice vote approving the consent items which include payment by check numbers 5545-5560.

Board Reports:

Consideration of matters relating to:

  1. President Gallagher
    1. LAFCo: The meeting was yesterday. President Gallagher received a resolution recognizing her service as a LAFCo Commissioner, Special District Board Member and a member of other civic organizations. Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson was also presented with a resolution. Josh Cosgrove, the Alternate Special District Commissioner, introduced himself to the Commission and said that he will be attending the meetings. The meeting was adjourned in memory of Mike Nevin, former County Supervisor, and Paul Perkovic, former Director on the Montara Sanitary & Water District.
    2. CSDA – Local Chapter: The next meeting is in February.
    3. Redevelopment Oversight Board: The last meeting was on December 10th at which time the Board approved the auditor's report. During the meeting President Gallagher mentioned that the District had received a request from Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County asking the District to commit a portion of its redevelopment tax to them. She learned that Cities received the same letter. The Oversight Board's attorney thought that was out of line. President Gallagher was contacted by a developer in Daly City asking her, as an oversight Board member, to put pressure on the City to sell the developer some property. She referred the caller to Daly City Manager Pat Martell.
  2. Daly City: Director Rizzi reported that he has been advised that there are people continuously moving in and out of the condominiums on the El Rancho Market site primarily due to inadequate public transit and lack of shopping facilities. It does not appear that any units have been sold and there are no tenants in the lower retail/commercial level.
  3. Brisbane: January 15, 2013 is the next CAG meeting and the topic will be the Schlage Lock property.

Staff Reports

  1. Maintenance Director – consideration of matters relating to: Monthly report on District operations and maintenance:
    1. The station is operating properly. After a recent lateral service request, an area of the 900 block of Schwerin Street was televised. It was found to be in good condition. When passing the connection at 954 Schwerin there were roots but not severe enough to have caused a stoppage. During this reporting period there was a mainline stoppage on McDonald Avenue where the line runs on the sidewalk. It was caused by grease suspected to be from the Town Motel which has kitchen units. The call was reported to CIWQS and was certified.

      PG&E conducted a batch discharge earlier this week. They typically report the amount of discharge to the Engineer.

      During a heavy downpour (1.2 inches) on November 30th, all pumps ran for about 45-60 minutes
    2. Main Street, SFPUC 60" line replacement project: No report.
  2. District Engineer – consideration of matters relating to:
    1. November meter reading data: The computed vs. measured flow is fine.
    2. Capacity entitlements: A second invoice for increased capacity at 275 Industrial was sent and has been paid.
    3. Correspondence to customers: Responded to constituent requests regarding sewer service charges.
    4. 365 Accacia Street: No report.
    5. 575 Tunnel Avenue: An invoice was issued for the inspection work and it has been paid.
    6. Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) update: We are working on updating the information. A little more cleanup is needed to finalize; continued to January meeting.
    7. Daly City General Plan DEIR: The Engineer has corresponded with the City's planner and provided requested clarifying information.
    8. SFPUC sampling program and initial results: The day to day variations are more than we would anticipate. The Engineer consulted with his associates and they agree with his observation. The cod variation appears to be greater than would be expected. Their sampling program may not be the best in regard to the collection process. The sampling seems to be done when it is convenient for the SFPUC. They don't do any sampling on weekends or holidays. In response to a question, the Engineer said that NO sampling was done on November 30th when there was heavy rainfall.

      Engineer Yeager said that he took the flow data and computed the milligrams per liter of cod, tss and oils & grease. Using this new methodology, and if the numbers hold true and rates don't increase, the annual sewer service charge will be approximately $100,000 less. He may provide this data to the SFPUC and inquire as to why the findings aren't more consistent.
  1. District Counsel – consideration of matters relating to:
    1. C&C of San Francisco and District Joint Powers Agreement renewal: The agreement has been signed by both parties after minor, non-substantive edits were made. Staff will draft amended language for our ordinances re capacity/connection charges.
  2. District Clerk – consideration of matters relating to: No report.

Old Business:


New Business:

  1. 2013 Meeting Schedule
    The schedule for 2013 is as follows:
    January 24
    February 28
    March 28
    April 26
    May 23
    June 27
    July 25
    August 22
    September 26
    October 24
    November 21
    December 19
  2. Election of Officers for 2013
    A motion was made by Director Swanbeck that the current officers continue to serve for 2013. The motion was seconded by Director Quinteros and passed unanimously by voice vote. The officers are: President, Iris Gallagher; Vice President, Walter Quinteros; Secretary, Norman Rizzi.
  3. Reports on other matters: no action will be taken:
    Director Swanbeck advised the Board that she is serving on the CSDA CEQA Review Committee.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 P.M. The next meeting is January 24, 2013.

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