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Bayshore Sanitary District


Regular Meeting of December 15, 2011 @ 7 P.M. (see the Agenda)

Opening of Meeting:

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 P.M.

Roll Call:

Present: Gallagher, Quinteros, Rizzi, Swanbeck, Tonna
Absent: None
Also: Maintenance Director Landi, District Counsel Bakker, Engineer Yeager and Clerk Landi

Oral and Written Communications:

  1. Communications from members of the public: none.
  2. Communications from members of the District Board and Staff:
    The President presented certificates of election to Directors Rizzi, Quinteros and Swanbeck.
  3. Acknowledgment of recent correspondence to the District:

Consent Agenda:

(Any member of the Board or the public can request that an item be removed from the Consent Agenda. If there are no objections all items are voted upon by one motion.)

  1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 17, 2011
  2. Payment authorization for bills and compensation
  3. Accept 11/30/11 monthly report on District's current financial status
  4. Accept November, 2011 checking account reconciliation.

    A motion was made by Director Quinteros, seconded by Director Swanbeck and passed by voice vote approving the consent items which include payment by check numbers 5333-5353.

Board Reports – consideration of matters relating to:

  1. President Gallagher
    1. LAFCo: There was no meeting in December.
    2. CSDA – Local Chapter: No report.
  2. Daly City: Director Swanbeck reported on her recently completed Daly City Citizens Academy. It consisted of 9 segments the first of which was a presentation by City Manager Martell. She provided a very informative and comprehensive overview of local government. There were segments on human resources, finances and consolidation and shared services, policing, public works, library and recreation, economic and community development, Daly City history and boards, North County Fire Authority and emergency preparedness.
  3. Brisbane: No report.

Staff Reports:

  1. Maintenance Director – consideration of matters relating to:
    1. Monthly report on District operations and maintenance: The pump station is operating properly. There were no service requests during this reporting period. There were several USA notifications. It appears that the PG&E hydrostatic testing has been postponed until mid 2012 . There was discussion regarding PG&E's plans to build a wall around the perimeter of the Martin Service Center.
    2. Accacia Street lateral replacement project: The laterals have been installed.
  2. District Engineer – consideration of matters relating to:
    1. November meter reading data: The measured and calculated flows are close as has been the pattern.
    2. Customer questions: Water consumption data was provided to the owner of 444 Rio Verde Street. The owner thought that she was being billed for ground water and that there may have been a second meter on the property. The Engineer provided her with information and also advised her that there has not been an increase to the sewer service charge for several years. There was a second inquiry from the owner of a restaurant—that has also been handled.
    3. SFPUC billing: The Engineer spoke to Brisbane Public Works Director Randy Breault. He was unaware that the SFPUC is anticipating increasing rates. The Engineer has not been able to set up a lunch meeting to discuss this further.

      The District received a USA notification for Main Street, the area where San Francisco is going to rehabilitate a pipeline. The last contact we had with San Francisco was in 2010 and at that time, conditions were placed on the project. Engineer Yeager called the SFPUC and was told the project wasn't going to start until March. However, the Maintenance Director said there is some excavation taking place in the project area. The SFPUC is proposing to slipline some segments and others will require excavation. The Engineer will contact the SFPUC's contractor. Also, their original deposit has been expended so that will need to be substantially increased to cover pre and post inspections.
  3. District Counsel – consideration of matters relating to:
    1. Update - C&C of San Francisco and District Joint Powers Agreement renewal: Counsel has not heard from San Francisco. It was their intent to have the rate study done so that we don't need to enter into another contract extension.
  4. District Clerk – consideration of matters relating to:
    1. State Compensation Insurance Fund update: Follow up emails and telephone messages have not been returned. SCIF was called today and the Clerk learned that the person who was handling this matter has been out on disability for 2 months and SCIF has no record of our request to cancel the policy. Our previous correspondence must be faxed to State Comp before they can process the cancellation request.

Old Business:

  1. City of Daly City – reciprocity agreement re project permit fees:
    There were no incidents regarding the recent lateral replacement project. However, we do need to formalize our gentlepersons' agreement.

New Business:

  1. 2012 meeting schedule
    There was agreement on the following schedule for meetings in 2012:
    January 26
    February 23
    March 22
    April 26
    May 24
    June 28
    July 26
    August 23
    September 27
    October 25
    November 29
    December 20
  2. Election of officers for 2012
    A motion was made by Director Quinteros, seconded by Director Swanbeck and unanimously passed by voice vote to retain the same slate of officers.
  3. January 18-20, 2012 CASA Conference
    President Gallagher will review the agenda content and may attend.
  4. Reports on other matters: no action will be taken


A motion was made by Director Swanbeck, seconded by Director Quinteros and passed to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 P.M. The next meeting is January 26, 2012.

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