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Bayshore Sanitary District


Regular Meeting of January 28, 2010 (see the Agenda)

Opening of Meeting:

The meeting was called to order by President Gallagher at 7:05 P.M.

Roll Call:

Present: Gallagher, Quinteros, Rizzi
Absent: Swanbeck, Tonna
Staff: Clerk Landi, District Counsel Bakker, Maintenance Director Landi and District Engineer Yeager

Oral and Written Communications:

  1. Communications from members of the public
  2. Communications from members of the District Board and Staff
  3. Acknowledgment of recent correspondence to the District

    Copies were provided to the Board in their monthly meeting packet.

Consent Items:

(Any member of the Board or the public can request that an item be removed from the consent agenda. If there are no objections all items are voted upon by one motion.)

  1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 17, 2009
  2. Payment authorization for bills and compensation
  3. Accept 12/31/09 monthly report on District’s current financial status
  4. Accept December, 2009 checking account statement reconciliation

    A motion was made by Director Quinteros, seconded by Director Rizzi and unanimously passed by voice vote to approve the Consent items which include payment by check numbers 4917-4941.

Board Reports – consideration of matters relating to:

  1. Director Gallagher
    1. LAFCO: The January meeting was cancelled.
    2. CSDA: The next meeting is February 2nd. The May meeting will probably include selecting a replacement for LAFCo Commissioner Bob Craig; he is not standing for reappointment.

  2. City of Daly City:
    1. Director Rizzi reported that as far as Daly City knows, the El Rancho property is in litigation and the owner has defaulted. It appears that none of the condominiums have been sold. Director Quinteros said that Daly City will not allow the units to be used as rentals; they were planned as condos and that is the only use they will allow. It was reported that Director Swanbeck attended a meeting where there was discussion of a 1700 unit project with a mix of single family and low income units in the Sunnydale area.
  3. City of Brisbane:
    1. President Gallagher attended a CAG meeting last week and there was a presentation on vapor intrusion which was well done and in layman terms.

Staff Reports:

  1. Maintenance Director – consideration of matters relating to: monthly report on District operations and maintenance. The monthly report is self explanatory.
    1. The Maintenance Director reported that the #2 motor shorted out. It will be removed, taken to Pump Repair Service and the motor will be rewound or replaced. He thinks it is the original motor.
    2. Telstar was here today to conduct the meter calibration. Everything was found to be working well. While the technician was here he megged all the motors. They were o.k. except for #2.
    3. Conducted some CIP video investigation on the Midway Village 10” line that goes through the park. This has been a continuing maintenance problem and requires cleaning at least every 3 months. The line was full of grease and had to be rodded extensively. There is a sag in the line which would prevent trenchless replacement. He believes that after the cleaning and rodding the line should be o.k. There was discussion regarding the location, conditions, etc. associated with this line.
    4. During the heavy rain storms the crew attempted to track the heavy spikes of flow. Numbered ping pong balls were placed in 10 different locations; however, none ended up at the Carlyle Station. It was noted that there is very heavy flow coming from the Linda Vista/Bay Ridge hillside developments. We may want to conduct some metering in the hilly areas.
    5. We received plans from Daly City regarding paving on Carter Street from Martin Street to the San Francisco County line. Mr. Landi spoke to Daly City and asked that they include raising District manholes in the bids. If the cost is acceptable, the work could be done by the City contractor and the District would reimburse the City.
  2. District Engineer – consideration of matters relating to:
    1. Geosyntec - Brisbane Landfill and (b) Tunnel Avenue sewer update: Both of these items pertain to further water testing along Tunnel Avenue. The discharge from the leachate system was tested by Universal Paragon and copper, lead, zinc and mercury were not detected. These are the chemicals that San Francisco detected when they did their studies in the fall. They found that the zinc concentration exceeded the allowable level at Manhole #1 and Manhole #22. Manhole #1 also was in violation of the allowable lead level. About two weeks ago the District conducted its own testing. In those tests nothing tested beyond acceptable limits. There is still zinc present at Manhole #22 and #18 (the last manhole before San Francisco) but at low constituents. There is zinc, lead and copper present but the concentration is significantly lower. Bruce Sealy of the SFPUC emailed the Engineer today asking what the District has done about the sewer cleaning project. Engineer Yeager will correspond with him, provide the testing data and advise that the District will not do anything at this time. The Maintenance Director advised that he obtained an estimate of $25,000.00 from Harty Pipeline to slipline 365 feet. It would be done using 6” HDPE and grouting to seal the voids. That is less than either of the estimates for cleanup.
    2. (above)
    3. Kinder Morgan: They have submitted their Class 4 permit application and the $1,000.00 fee to renew their industrial discharge permit. We have not received their SFPUC renewal.
    4. Civtel – Class 4 permit: An engineering firm is designing a telecommunication duct along Bayshore Boulevard at the Daly City/San Francisco border. The plans call for installing a duct bank with six 4” conduits going south parallel to Bayshore and crossing the District’s force main. Counsel and the Engineer prepared a letter making them aware that the crossing the force main must be done with the utmost care and it must not be damaged. We will require they pothole to determine the exact location of the force main, provide drawings showing how they will cross and coordinate with the Maintenance Director so he can observe their potholing work. The Engineer believes they are going to go under the force main which is a better option that going over the force main. There will be conditions regarding indemnity and insurance. They have agreed to the terms, are fully aware that the line cannot be damaged and are ready to proceed with construction.
    5. December meter reading data: Using the data that CSMS collects, the Engineer is able to prepare a meter readings vs. the calculated volume calculation. This is another way of verifying the accuracy of the meter readings. There is very little difference between the metered and calculated volume. These calculations will continue going forward.
    6. Conflict of interest discussion: As a firm, Kennedy Jenks is concerned about anything that appears to be a conflict of interest. The position they have taken is that they will not do any work for the City of Brisbane and they will not do work for Daly City within District boundaries.
      They have been contacted by the City of Brisbane regarding doing hydro-geologic work for the Baylands; work they are currently engaged in for the SFPUC. Engineer Yeager is not sure of the exact scope of service but it would be an “in and out” project not related to wastewater facilities in any way. He would not be involved in the project. Counsel does not see a conflict with this particular project. After discussion, this item was continued to the February meeting.
    7. Rainfall – January 19, 2010: The Engineer discussed the discharges during specific periods of time during that day. In a five hour period with ¾” of rainfall the total discharge was 233,000 and the typical daily dry weather flow is 270,000. The I/I could be attributed to any number of things but to date the investigation that has been done has not determined the source(s).
  3. District Counsel – consideration of matters relating to:
  4. District Clerk – consideration of matters relating to:
    1. Update on investment products, interest, FDIC coverage, etc.: The Clerk emailed five special districts in San Mateo County inquiring about the type of products they use to invest their surplus funds. None of the districts responded. The District checking account has $250,000.00 FDIC coverage and there is nothing comparable to FDIC insurance with the funds deposited with LAIF. Director Rizzi shared his concern about maintaining a balance in the bank which exceeds the FDIC coverage. After discussion, it was decided to continue this item until after payment of treatment fees to the SFPUC.
    2. SF90/State Mandated Cost Program, Brown Act Reform: Several years ago the District used Centration, submitted claims and received reimbursement from the State. The program was halted for a few years but has been reinstated. There was discussion regarding submitting a claim and how best to do that; in house or hire an outside consultant. The Clerk will seek more information from CSDA and poll some local districts to determine how they plan to proceed.

Old Business:


New Business:

  1. CWEA Conference 4/20-23 in Sacramento: The Maintenance Director reviewed the topics of some of the sessions that could be of interest to the District. There is one session regarding existing and emerging regulations. This item will be continued to the February meeting.
  2. Reports on other matters; no action will be taken


Closed Session:

  1. Conference with Legal Counsel – existing litigation (Subdivision [a] of Section 54956.9)
    Bayshore Sanitary District v. City & County of San Francisco, San Francisco
    Public Utilities Commission: Case No. CGC 07-469434

    The Closed Session began at 8:46 P.M. and ended at 9:06 P.M. No reportable action was taken during the Closed Session.


A motion was made by Director Quinteros, seconded by Director Rizzi and passed to adjourn the meeting at 9:06 P.M. The next meeting is February 25, 2010.

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