Engineering Services
Tom Yeager, District Engineer
Tel. 510-469-3156

  • Answer questions from individual consumers relative to their annual sewer service charges;
  • Answer questions and process all permits other than those for a new single family residence (Class 1)
  • Prepare and process industrial discharge permits;
  • Review plans submitted by developers for new construction and compute the associated connection fee;
  • Answer questions from the public relating to technical matters associated with the District’s facilities;
  • Answer questions regarding District maps and District’s Standard Specifications them.

Maintenance and Operations Services
Rich Landi, Maintenance Director

  • Inspection of repairs to or installations of new sewer laterals;
  • Inspect mainline installation;
  • Respond to reports of sewer problems and/or overflows; 
  • Review building plans for additions and remodel projects and determine if a permit or fees are required; 
  • Answer questions regarding the District’s operations and provide advice to residents about sewer related problems.



Bayshore Sanitary District
36 Industrial Way
Brisbane, California 94005 | view map
tel (415) 467-1144
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About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the registered voters who reside within the District's boundaries. The Board is directly accountable to its rate payers for the operation and maintenance of the District's facilities and has been successful in meeting its purpose. The District has received awards from the California Water Environment Association for the best small sewer system in the State and from the Environmental Protection Agency for best operation and maintenance in Region 9.
The Board of Directors has set strict policies and comprehensive programs to provide superior wastewater services to all the residents and businesses located in the District. Board meetings are held monthly at 7:00 P.M. on the posted dates and public attendance is encouraged.

President and Board of Directors

  1. Iris Gallagher, President 
    term expires November 2018 
    Ethics Training Certificate
  2. Norman Rizzi, Secretary-Treasurer 
    term expires term expires November 2020
    Ethics Training Certificate
  3. Mae Swanbeck, Director 
    term expires November 2020
    Ethics Training Certificate
  4. Kenneth Tonna, Director 
    term expires November 2018
    Ethics Training Certificate
  5. Richard Constantino, Director
    term expires November 2018

Candidates for a board member position must be residents and registered voters of the Bayshore Sanitary District at the time that nomination papers are issued to the candidate or at the time of the candidate’s appointment.

Please see above list of Board of Directors for expiration dates of present terms.

For additional information and/or to inquire about registration deadlines, please contact the San
Mateo County Election Office at (650) 312-5222 or visit


  1. Rich Landi, CSMS, Maintenance Director
  2. Lauren Quint (Meyers Nave), Attorney
  3. Tom Yeager, Engineer
  4. Joann Landi, Clerk


Annual Budgets

For fiscal year:


For fiscal year:



Preventive Sewer Line Maintenance: Mainline sewers are inspected and cleaned on an annual basis to prevent stoppages and sanitary sewer overflows.

Lateral Corrective Maintenance: The District policy is to maintain your sewer lateral in the public right-of-way if your residence or business has an approved cleanout located at the property line. If you experience a problem, contact the District. A crew will be dispatched, and if it is a District responsibility, we will take corrective action to remedy the problem.

Inspection Service: All new sewer line installations and repairs are required to meet the District's Standard Specifications. A field inspection by the District Inspector is required during installation. Prior to acceptance by the District, a video inspection of the line is performed.

Sewer System Evaluation: Testing methods such as television inspection, flow monitoring, smoke testing and other methods, allow the District Engineer to analyze the data to develop a master plan. The District utilizes this data to correct deficiencies within the sewer system before they create a serious problem, as well as for planning for future needs and capital improvement projects.

Capital Improvement Projects: Beginning in 1985, the District implemented an extensive program to replace old, broken and undersized sewer lines. Since 1985, the District has installed new or rehabilitated sewer lines in about sixty five percent of the District. We have updated the Master Plan and are planning more sewer replacement including residential laterals from the cleanout to the mainline sewer. These projects have been funded on a pay-as-you-go basis and future projects will be funded in the same manner.

Preventive Pump Station Maintenance: Carlyle Pump Station located at 36 Industrial Way in Brisbane, was built in 1972. The majority of the District's wastewater flows into this station and is pumped to the City & County of San Francisco's southeast treatment plant where it receives secondary treatment. The station has a capacity to pump over five million gallons per day. The current average daily pump flows are 380,000 gallons during dry weather and 1.2 million gallons during wet weather.

The District Board has set an aggressive maintenance policy for the station. The station is inspected on a daily basis for proper operation and scheduled maintenance is performed. This approach has resulted in the station operating at full efficiency. This facility also houses the District Board Room.

Budget Review: The Board conducts a budget workshop and a budget public hearing prior to adopting the annual fiscal year budget. At the end of the fiscal year, an independent audit is performed.

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